Sunday, 22 June 2014

Sally Hansen Gel

When I want to treat myself too a relaxing day as a reward for a long week of work, a few essential activities come to mind: a facial, a bubble bath, a fancy meal for one and of course a manicure! That said, when you're an intern on a non-existent wage and/or a student, regular visits to the salon to get a professional manicure is simply not feasible. And to be honest, even if I had the budget, I'm not sure I'd have time to make such frequent visits! 

Working in a professional environment it's important to always been well groomed and looking your best, even if you are not in a client facing position. At any given time you may be introduced to someone new, maybe even a manager or executive and almost 99% of the time you'll be greeted with a handshake. You do not want your tailored outfit, perfectly set hair and glowing make up to be tarnished by chipped grotty nails! This sounds so obvious but I cannot tell you the amount of times I've witnessed this first hand. It's more distracting than you would you care to think. 

That is why Sally Hansen's new Salon Gel Polish system caught my eye. The idea that I could give myself a gel manicure in the comfort of my own home, whenever I happen to have 15-30 minutes to spare was music to my ears. Top that off with a promise of no drying time and up to two weeks wear and I'm sold!

Whilst treating yourself once in a while and making a sneaky splurge here and there is important, if I can find a more affordable way to unwind and pamper myself at home then I'm all in! The Starter Kit ($99.95 @ Priceline) has everything you need to get you on your way, LED light, base and top coat, a nice dark red polish to get you started, nail cleansing pads...all that good stuff. Don't worry, the basics can be easily replenished in store in a nifty little pack ($29.95 @ Priceline). 

The Verdict
Get on it. These babies have lasted on my nails for nearly three weeks! No chips. No nail breakage. You would not believe how long my nails have grown with the gel protecting it. Commitment issues? Don't want to stick with one colour for three weeks, no matter, just paint over the gels with any regular nail polish you fancy. Be as fickle as you like because nail polish remove won't affect these bad boys at all. In one sentence? I'm sold. 

Extra Extra...!

Read the instructions and follow it. Seriously. I know the excitement and adrenaline is telling you otherwise but trust me, you'll thank me later. 

The Colours
The Starter Kit came with Wine Not, I wanted the one with Shell We Dance, they didn't have stock. I settled. I've yet to try it but my mother has and it's pretty, bit shimmery but a lighter wine than I prefer. I'm a neutral or dark and vampy sorta girl, brights in-between aren't really my thing but that's okay. 

I have been obsessed with white nail polish for an unseasonal amount of time. Done right, it's so chic and doesn't at all resemble stationary white-out on your nails. So White Away was a given to be purchased with the Starter Kit. But it's sheer, milky even but nonetheless sheer. So sheer it just looks as though I have gel and no colour on my nails. That's not ideal and I'm disappointed. So it's not what it says it is on the box, but I'll make do. This can be a useful because it doesn't disturb the colours of any other regular nail polish I may paint over. 

Sally Hansen Gel Nail Enamel (Colour: White Away)

Friday, 30 May 2014

"Nice guys always finish last" myth. BUSTED!

Traditionally after a mass shooting, the hot topics of discussion that usually ensue usually circulate around gun control, political dissonance and nature or nurture debates (i.e. video game violence indoctrination or innate psychosis deviation). The Santa Barbara shooting however has ignited an unusual global discussion with misogyny as the centrepiece. Take to twitter using #Yesallwomen to follow the thread of comments.

I won’t mention the shooters name. I do not believe this individual should be granted the privilege of having their name remembered and sprawled across the internet. However, I would at this point like to remember the victims of this terrible tragedy.

Cheng Yuan Hong

George Chen

Weihan Wang

Katherine Cooper

Veronika Weiss

These are the people who deserve to be mourned for their lives lost to a monstrous act. Not the monster who committed the crime.

I am honestly angered that there are men out there who are paying sympathy to this manic who has taken the lives of both women AND men. They mourn for him, empathising that they understand how he could have been driven to such horrific madness because women had not given him any attention. That he was left to live his young adulthood as a virgin. Are women now under some obligation to keep men from committing mass murders by dishing out sexual favours? 

I have always detested the internet’s constant memes harping on about the dissatisfaction that apparently “nice guys always finish last”. That apparently all women knowingly and purposefully elect to become romantically involved with men who are inherently “douchbags”. The theory, a generous label, purports that because of the neglect “nice guys” have suffered at the hands of careless women, they are somehow then justified in themselves turning into “douchebags” and cannot be blamed for the rampage that ensues.
Do these boys and men, no #notallmen, so fervently support this conjecture because they genuinely believe that in the history of the human race, only “nice men” have been apparently been wronged by women and that “nice women” have not been by men? Or is it simply sheer entitlement?

Firstly, let me point out, this “theory” debunks itself. It literally identifies “nice guys” and “douchebags” as one in the same. It simply suggests a mutation. Ultimately, it’s still the undeniably the same cell. Secondly what are the criteria that one must satisfy to be so neatly categorised into one of the two? Surely in the twenty-first century we have moved beyond the fictitious and ultimately un-profound generalisations of good and bad. I should like to think that our understanding of the human psyche has at the very least allowed us to grasp the fact that the nature of the whole things is so complex that monochromatic groupings such as those do it no justice.

For arguments sake however, let me pretend that this primitive distinction exist. Firstly, “nice guys always finish last” is completely unfounded and an untrue generalisation. It is only from a very self-centred perspective that one would come to the conclusion that they are the only one being hurt in a situation. Hypothetically, and yes it happens, a very “nice” man has very genuine feelings towards a female friend and those feelings are not reciprocated. From a very narrow perspective, derived from a need to justify everything, that man may see his unsuccessful conquest, and subsequent “friendzoning”, as directly correlated to her affections for a less than admirable man. Before we proceed, why doesn’t anyone ever seem inclined to label this female character as the antagonist or the protagonist? Would it not be fair to place her in a similar light and make hyperboles such as “nice girls always finish last?”
If we're really being fair here, the “nice” guy and the girl are really one in the same. Both insist on pursuing someone who ultimately does not feel the same way. This is the real world. It’s not a romantic comedy and the truth is just because you’re nice, do the right thing and MAYBE you do “deserve” to win the person’s affections, the reality is that this does not entitle you to them. Maybe they are making a mistake by choosing someone who doesn’t treat them as well as you THINK you’ll treat them but that’s their mistake to make. Take it on the chin, wish them well and move on. Don’t become spiteful and use this experience as an excuse to become a manipulative player or worse, allowing your unjustified anger to manifest into violence.

Take ownership for you actions. If an individual’s pure motivation to befriend and be nice to another person were solely driven by a desire to possess them, then I for one would not consider them a particularly “nice” person. Men and women alike need to let go of this false sense of entitlement. Just because you give to someone does not entitle you to take from them if they do not return the favour as you would have liked. Love is not an arena where everyone’s efforts are always rewarded accordingly. People are not trophies to be won. You can only give the love you have to give and hope that just maybe those feelings will be returned with mutual affection but there are no promises.

Monday, 26 May 2014

The Validity of One's Pursuit of Happiness

Disclaimer: Before we proceed I need to make clear that I fully support the proliferation of knowledge and education to all, women and men alike. Furthermore I strongly encourage and admire any individual's personal choice to devote their life to their career. So please do not mistake what you're about to read as suggesting otherwise, because that would not be the case. 

What is a controversial discussion should really be a simple concept: feminism should, and on some level has, liberated women (not globally but arguably in 'developed' societies) in that she has the equal right, as any, to choose what she deems worthy of her life's devotions. That said, there is still this suffocating stigma that pre-defines the boundaries of success for women

Young women today are prescribed this equation for happiness that encompasses independent success that is largely career focused. I see so many people, men and women alike, slaving through university and a corporate job with no real attainment of wisdom or joy. Yet so many are shamed for not adopting this path. I'm not detracting from the importance of an education or discouraging the youthful drive and hunger for success. What I'm trying to emphasis is that one should make such pursuits through their own wilful mindedness. Should this path give them no true value and enrichment then I truly see no purpose for it. 

"Eventually I think I would like to devote myself to my family and children..." said with hesitation. 

"Really?" (Cue speech about the great insult this is to feminism)

In my personal experience through university and a corporate career, I have encountered many occasions where women are questioned for their persuasion towards a family focus lifestyle rather than a 'successful career'. This is only an example of the pressures faced by women today to achieve simply to satisfy the expectations of their peers.Whilst I am not insinuating that this is the case for all women, or that a successful career is not a valid life goal, my point is that as individuals we should feel liberated to pursue happiness, whatever form that may materialise in. Feminism was a movement of liberation. The great achievements of our predecessors should not be manipulated by modern activist to guilt women into passionless pursuits. I have an honest belief that if a woman is happy and free in what she devotes her daily life to, it really is no business of mine, or anyone else, to question or judge her. 

Whilst I have made the very personal choice to attain a university degree and strive towards a corporate career, many of my peers have opted for other routes. Narrowing the focus to simply the female cohort, I know many women who forged this path for many a reasons and I cannot say indefinitely that my happiness surpass theirs. In fact were I to, it would be said with much hesitation. I know one too many high achieving university students or even graduates who lack direction driven by passion. True, unadulterated, raw passion. Often times I feel their focus is misdirected because our society has constructed this artificial standard dictating what qualifies as a thing worth chasing, as a thing lucrative enough to justify our life's reverence.   

Don't let anyone build the confines of what qualifies as a passion or a subject worthy of your pursuit in life. Remove yourself from the measurements and categories constructed around you. Be limitless. I should think that once you forgo the interpretations and ideals of success imposed by society, many real opportunities and possibilities will open to you. Otherwise you will be destined to an endless chase for validation that you have achieved "something" in life as defined by everyone else but you. 

Just a little food for thought.


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Peak Hour Rush: Breakfast

Breakfast. That all important first meal of the day that gets you up and running (literally if you're always late for the train like I am) for the day. But don't lie, you skip it. Regularly. Even worst? Your at desk "breakfast" of choice is most likely a coffee (soy latte to be exact). It's a horrible habit that greatly diminishes your brain power, energy levels and is damaging to your overall physical health. But like so many things that aren't good for us, we do it because it's easy and convenient and really time management is not my best skill set at 7am in the morning. 

So what's a resolve that does not compromise speed and ease or demand more time in the early morning rush to work? Pre-packed breakfast is your answer! If you're working full time in an office environment you should be packing lunch at least 3-4 days a week as it is. If you work in the CBD (city) as I do, buying lunch everyday makes coming too work more about spending money than earning it! So, if you're packing lunch the night before, you might as well pack breakfast as well. Best part? Pre-made breakfast is a much less demanding task than lunch. 


> Breakfast on the go should be light and easy. Nothing rich and heavy simply because it'll make you too full and you'll be falling asleep at your desk rather than feeling energised and ready to take on the world!

> Pick relatively hassle free, low maintenance foods so that you can eat it on the train or at your desk in the office. Don't be embarrassed, because I can assure you, everyone around you is either completely empathetic (they're on the same train, most likely going into work too!) or completely jealous, they're hungry bellies growling.  

> If you're self conscious and want to be discrete, pick foods that don't have a strong smell. 

Fruit Salad & Organic Yogurt 

Make a big batch Sunday night and keep it in the fridge. You can snack on it during the week whenever you like, but it's amazingly easy to pack in Tupperware and take on the go to work. 

Breakfast friendly fruits may include, but are not limited to:

> Bananas 

> Blueberries

> Strawberries

> Lychee 

> Rockmelon 

I am currently obsessed with Five:am's organic yogurt range. Honey & Cinnamon is my weakness. It's thick, it's creamy and completely addictive. I have a preference for dipping my pieces of slice up fruit in it but you can also stir in some granola for a filling breaky! 

So let's do our best to get on, and stay on, that breakfast bandwagon! Don't let a busy schedule compromise a balanced lifestyle.


Saturday, 10 May 2014

Is Two Faced's Mascara Really 'Better Than Sex'?

I received a questionable look as my boyfriend caught sight of the metallic pink cylindrical tube with "BETTER THAN SEX" marked across it's body. This mascara definitely stands out amongst my collection in terms of packing but does it fair the same in terms of it's quality? 

I usually stay away from high-end mascaras because I think drug-store mascaras do an equally good job. Moreover, mascaras have a relatively short life-span as compared to other cosmetic items, as such splurging on a mascara that will only last a couple of months always seems illogical (not that splurging on make-up in general is awfully logical!). 

All that said, I have to say that I am thoroughly enjoying what Too Faced's Better Than Sex Mascara is doing for my lashes. I love the look of long voluminous lashes and to be honest if I could deal with the maintenance, I would probably constantly have lash extensions or fake lashes on. But alas, I'm much to lazy for that and that's where this mascara comes in. It is amazing! I didn't want to believe the hype, I didn't want to cave and fall in love but it just happened. 

What you need to know...

> It's build-able without being clumpy. This formula allows me to touch-up without getting spidery lashes. So if you're a little OCD like me or you just feel like a little pick-me-up through out the day, just give them lashes a quick curl and then add a fresh coat of this mascara on top!
> It's lusciously black 
> In two coats, my none existent lashes are not only longer and thicker, but they are curled! The magical shape of the brush lifts my limp Asian lashes into a curve and saves me from using an eyelash curler.
> If you do use a lash curler, it holds a curl beautifully despite my highly annoying mono-lids trying to force them back down! 

> It does not smudge or transfer.
> This is a non-waterproof formula so it is easy to take off at the end of the day with a basic cleaner or make up remover.

> With a price tag of $31.95AUD it's a steep price to pay for a mascara.
> You do need to work with it. For me one coat isn't quiet enough to achieve the amazing affects this mascara has to offer, so you have to play around with it a little and build up the layers. 
>The brush is a little big for my eyes, meaning I do have to be a little bit more careful on application. 
> Again this is not a waterproof mascara, which make be a deal break for some of you out there. This is personally not a problem for me because I don't usually gravitate towards water resistant formulas anyways. 


Although this mascara is not without it's flaws, it's pros far outweigh its few cons. I can tell you for sure I will be repurchasing this mascara despite it's somewhat steep price point because I just cannot get over the amazing length, volume and curl this mascara gives me! It manages to hold a curl against my mono-lids without making my lashes stiff and 'crunchy'. 

I've always been a eye-liner daily kind of girl because my lashes have always looked limp and fairly non-existent even with mascara. The only way I felt I could actually define my eyes was with eyeliner. Since I've started using this mascara I have stopped wearing eyeliner on weekdays! If I can save a couple of minutes in the mornings when I'm frantically getting ready for work, then I'm all for that. The mascara alone manages to define and bring out my eyes without the help of any other eye make-up! The results speak for themselves (pictures below) and to me, it's 100% worth the investment. 

As to whether this mascara is really better than sex? I think I'll let you guys decide on that one on your own ;) 


Tuesday, 29 April 2014

A Smoothie a Day Keeps The Doctor Away

This is such a simple smoothie but it packs a serious punch! Admittedly I don't have the best immune system and I'm prone to colds and flu most winters. So when the boyfriend came down with a bad cold, a rare occurrence, I was pretty sure I was bound to be shot down next. In what I thought would be a fruitless preemptive attack, I tried to boost our intake of vitamins by throwing together this smoothie. 

Amazingly, it worked! The early signs of contagion I have felt were literally, yes LITERALLY, diminished the day after I skulled a bullet full of this stuff. Now, that said, although I made my boyfriend drink his share, it, as expected, did not cure his cold. However, he reported that his symptoms did not worse AND he actually didn't mind the taste of the smoothie. (The boyfriend was not crazy about being pulled onto my smoothie bandwagon at the beginning)

So no, this smoothie would be the miracle cure to all your aches and pains, but it will help to keep you from contacting all the yucky bugs lurking around this winter. I drank this daily and remained sickness free whilst looking after him and whilst working in a badly ventilated office, a breeding ground for contagions. 

What you need:
- Half a sliced banana
- 3 tablespoons blueberries 
- 2 tablespoons raspberries
- 1 heaped tablespoon Greek yogurt 
- Handful of kale
- Handful of spinach
- Coconut water

I used a magic bullet, but really any blender will do.

What to do: 
1. Throw the banana, blueberries, raspberries, yogurt, spinach and kale into the blender. 
(TIP: preferably in that order as these heavier items will help push the kale and spinach into the blender blades, making for a smoother smoothie! Obviously if your blender is reversed, then reverse the process!)
2. Pour over the coconut water to just cover the ingredients. Depending on how you like the consistency of your smoothies, alter the amount of coconut water you include. (For a thicker smoothie, use less coconut water. For a thinner consistency, use more coconut water)
4. Pour and serve!

TIP: I keep my blueberries, banana (pre-sliced) and raspberries in the freezer so that they double as ice cubes. This way my smoothies are perfectly cold and creamy!

Let me know if you give this recipe a go!


Friday, 25 April 2014

Anzac Weekend Haul

It's the long weekend and with a well deserved break from work comes a small well deserved haul from Mecca Cosmetica. I think I showed relatively good restraint considering my usual visits with intentions to purchase one item almost always quickly escalates into a full blown spree.  This time I stuck to my guns and resisted my wondering desires to stray from my shopping list. 

1. Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder - Diffused Light 
I already have this powder in Dim Light and absolutely adore it. Diffused Light is apparently one of their best sellers in the line and I just had to give it a try! One first glance it looks pretty 'glowy' to be used as an all over setting powder, which was my intention, but I think it'll make a gorgeous highlight. 

2. NARS Pure Radiance Tinted Moisturiser - Alaska

The boyfriend and I are contemplating going on a short getaway in June/July to seek a warm climate. Although we haven't even decided on a location I'm already looking for a light weight base to use and what better than a tinted moisturiser!

3. NARS Radiant Creamy Concealer - Custard
This is my second tube of the stuff, which speaks for how much I love it!

4. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara
I've heard so much amazing stuff about this mascara! The transformation pictures they have on the packaging are astonishing and if it really lives up to the hype I may not be able to live without this mascara!! 

Full reviews of each product will be up shortly after I use them enough to form an informative opinion! Leave a comment letting me know if you've used any of these products and what you thought!


Monday, 14 April 2014

Working Girl: Professional Comfort

When you have to be at work five days a week, some eight hours a day, it's important that you not only look professional, but comfort is imperative. I'm not suggesting anyone show up in a corporate office in their track pants, but I think we can all happily agree if we can look the part, throw in some personal styling and still be comfortable, our work week would be much more bearable. 

I personally work in a fairly conservative corporate office environment, where Casual Fridays is not even an option within my department. Even so, I have managed to incorporate pieces here and there to amp up basic corporate attire. Obviously it is important that personal discretion is used, you should know what you will and won't get away with. 

1. White collared shirt - ft. Cue Tucked Raglan Sleeve Shirt 
2. Black tailored high-waisted trousers - ft. Topshop 32" Stitch Cigarette Trousers 
3. Black cropped fluffy jumper - ft. Supre Kitty Cat Crop    
4. Black pointed heels - Nine West Eviee Wedges
1. Structured black bag - Prada Saffiano Lux Tote
2. Thin black and gold belt - Portmans Metal Career Belt
3. Rose gold watch - Michael Kors Runway Watch
4. White nail polish - Sally Hansen White On

When trying to incorporate unconventional pieces into a professional outfit, I prefer to maintain a natural colour palette and a classic silhouette. The design of the shirt and trousers provides a neat and simple frame as your canvas. I particularly love the cut of this shirt from Cue because it provides structure and accents feminine definition.

The pièce de résistances, the center piece, is of course the cropped shaggy jumper. The insanely soft material will keep you warm on those early morning winter commutes to work. Ensure that you keep this piece at a fitted size and avoid sizing up too much. Whilst I'm all for cozying up with oversized fluffy jumpers, the slouchy look will take away from the professional silhouette.

Keeping the everything black and white, with peaking accents of varying shades of gold keeps the look edgy but keeps it from being tipping over to tacky.

If I'm being honest, this particular outfit has been revisited a couple of times but I say why not get the most out of a good thing!

Monday, 24 March 2014

Tossed Veggies with tomato sardines on toast

Admittedly I'm not the most health conscious eater. I'm not one for diets or placing food restrictions on myself. I have always had a very simple attitude towards food: I eat what I want, when I want without feeling guilty. In trying to be "healthier" I have adjusted this philosophy slightly to: eat what you want, just add healthier elements to your meals. 

So what exactly does that mean? Well simply put, I believe that the root cause of failure in diets is because they are inherently founded on the idea of deprivation. I don't believe in depriving myself. So, in an effort to be "healthier", I still allow myself to eat whatever I happen to be craving but I try to form "healthier" habits in addition. Besides the obvious things like "drinking more water" and "less junk food", I've been trying to make my own lunches and snacks whenever possible. To be honest the hardest part about keeping with this is coming up with new recipes, especially when you're hungry and dying for a bite! In light of this, I've decided to share any healthy meal/snack ideas here on my blog.

The first: Tossed veggies with tomato sardines on toast

  • Wholegrain bread (slice per serving)
  • 1 can of sardines in tomato sauce
  • Handful of cherry tomatoes 
  • 2-3 yellow squash
  • Handful of marinated olives
  • Half a lemon
  • Extra Virgin olive oil
  • Himalayan pink salt & pepper to taste 

Firstly, bring a small pot of water to the boil with a pinch of salt. Whilst you're waiting, rising and dry your vegetables.  Depending on the size of your cherry tomatoes, slice them in half and place them in a bowl. Lightly dress the tomatoes with olive oil, salt (tomatoes love salt so you can be a LITTLE bit more generous here then in the rest of the dish) and pepper. Slice the olives in half and mix them in with the tomatoes. Leave this aside for the time being. 

Next cut the squash up into bite size pieces (relatively similar to the size of your cherry tomatoes). Throw these into the boiling water for 3-4 minutes. When they are tender (but still have a bite), rinse them in some cold water to stop the cooking process. 

At this point place a couple of slices of bread in the toaster. 

Now you can mix the squash and in with the tomatoes and olives. Give the entire mix a good toss with a little more olive oil, a spritz of lemon juice and salt and pepper to taste. 

When the bread is toasted to your liking, drizzle a little olive oil over it before flaking over the tomatoes sauce sardines. Top this off with the vegetable salad and you've got yourself a quick, light and healthy snack! 

Sardines, although they may not sound the most appealing at first, there are many reasons to make them a regular ingredient in your diet.  
  • They are an amazing source of calcium, omega-3 fatty acids, iron, protein and potassium. 
  • They're affordable. 
  • They're good out of the can! 
  • They are sustainably fished, which is always a plus! 
If you want a little bit more protein, my pick would be adding a soft boiled egg on top (best to do this before the squash). YUM! 

If you try this out or have any good recipe suggestions, please leave me a comment! 

Monday, 10 March 2014

"Our food" - Mr Ramen San

Some couples boast having a song that they share in celebrating their relationship. For my boyfriend and me, we prefer to celebrate our relationship with "our food". What food, so romantic, could embody our love you ask? Chocolate covered strawberries? Oysters? No. Ramen. Yes ramen.

I admit it's an odd choice but my other half isn't really much of a foodie and the only thing that seems to have sparked his interest in my constant search for new food to try is ramen. As they say, relationships are a series of compromises and if it means I get him to show a bit of excitement for my obsession for food I'll take it. 

So we've made a point to try all the ramen joints we can get to. Thus far we've been lucky enough to sample delicious bowls of hot soup and noodles from Sydney to Melbourne. The joint fit to kick off this first review would have to be this little gem: Mr Ramen San.

Charshu Pork Ramen with Tonkotsu Soup
This bowl of goodness won both our hearts almost immediately. The tonkotsu soup, a broth rendered from pork bones, provided the perfect base for the noodles. Honestly the soup alone warrants repeat visits from the boyfriend and I. The moreish broth, flavoured with a dash of black sesame oil, was creamy, flavoursome (without being overly salty) and comforting. It nestled a bundle of noodles, thicker than the likes of Ippudo, but cooked perfectly to avoid doughiness and retain bite. The generous cuts of tender charshu pork was succulent and not overly fatty. Now the ni-tamago, the soft centred egg, done perfectly, added a hum of its own flavour to the ramen, the perfect finishing touch in my opinion.

If you must know, the corn and the spring onion neither added or detracted from the dish.

This little gem impressed my boyfriend so much, he gave his compliments when paying, which ensued a lengthy conversation with the owner who told him she drank the soup every single day because of its high gelatin content, which is beneficial for your skin and joints (collagen). This definitely gives me an excuse to frequent this joint more often, not that I really needed one.

I would definitely recommend Mr Ramen San as an affordable location suitable for a casual lunch or dinner. It is a simple, quint little space that serves up a simple, comforting dish done to perfection. 

Mr Ramen San 
791 Glenferrie Road, 
Melbourne, Victoria
Mr. Ramen San on Urbanspoon

new beginnings

This is not my first blog. It's predecessor, something of a journal of thoughts, has become a private archive. As I journey through this very different chapter of my life, I want to establish a new haven to record the moments, the things that make me happy. I want to look back on moments needed and see all the things I have to be grateful for, be it superficial bits or more profound. I don't want to classify this space to a ridged genre of lifestyle, beauty, fashion or whatnot. I simply want this to be a space where I am able to create and share that which brings positivity into my life.

"We must exercise ourselves in the things which bring us happiness, since if that be present, we have everything, and, if that be absent, all our actions are directed towards attaining it." - Epicurus.